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For the first time in forty years will be a pope set foot on the ground in Ireland. But the oerkatholieke country has since changed a lot.

When pope John Paul II in 1979 Ireland, visited, were, contraception and divorce is still illegal in the country. He was lauded as a superstar.

Saturday, nearly forty years later, land pope Francis in a country that his predecessor would not recognize. Ireland is led by a gay prime minister, gay marriage is allowed, and the strict abortuswet recently to the trash reference. Church attendance and also the number of church marriages is heavy fell, also by the misbruikschandalen that Ireland in the heart have been affected.

The journey of the pope is therefore overshadowed. Ireland belongs to the countries where priests and kloosterzusters the past decades, massive children and young people have been abused. The once catholic country has therefore become increasingly difficult with his aartsconservatieve heritage. A sentiment that has been sparked by the recent scandals in Chile and the misbruikrapport in Pennsylvania.

“When the pope, in Ireland this weekend visit, he will be a catholic church in decline is discovered, sometimes even irreparable,” writes Fintan O’toole, a columnist of the Irish Times.


Francis stands by the misbruikschandalen under tremendous pressure. He announces a zero tolerance to, but it translates that according to the critics, not enough in action. “There is still a lot of anger,” said Marie Collins. The Irish kinderrechtenactiviste was once himself a victim of sexual abuse by clergy. In addition to sexual abuse by priests were also many others mistreated in children’s homes, were to unmarried mothers forced their babies up for adoption to than in vrouwenhuizen ‘as slaves’ to be treated.

The pope will be during his journey, victims of sexual abuse by clergy to meet, but the Vatican underlines that the official reason of his visit the Wereldfamiliedagen. Many People wait not only on recognition for their suffering. They also want it to he concrete measures to such abuses and to punish.


It is clear that the pope is less warm will be welcomed then pope John Paul II. There are also several protests planned. Former victims of abuse have announced at the same time as the mass of the pope in a vigil to keep at the memorial to Irish freedom fighters in Dublin. The campaign Say no to the pope asking to protest the free tickets for the celebration in Phoenix Park, in the hope that the empty seats remain.

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