The money is for Clooney

536310b25ea732f18acc56fd43089014 - The money is for Clooney

Hollywood star George Clooney is currently the best paid actor world, at least according to a ranking of the American magazine Forbes. The 57-year-old, has estimated the magazine over the last twelve months 239 million dollars (converted 207 million euro) in his bank account can show a credit. That prevents Clooney is not, in work: so earned the darling of the female movie audiences will have a large cent with the sale of his tequilabedrijf, that he was a few years ago with two partners had started up.

Place two is for the former worstelprof Dwayne ‘The Rock’Johnson, who made millions of people to the cinema lures with films like ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’. The past year was The Rock with an estimated income of 124 million dollars to ensure that he is not against the cost-of-living struggle. The Rock referred to that amount his colleague Robert Downey Jr. and its 81 million to the bronze.

The top ten is in order, completed by Chris Hemsworth (64,5 million), Jackie Chan (45.5 million), Will Smith (42 million), Akshay Kumar (40.5 million), Adam Sandler (39.5 million), Salman Khan (38.5 million) and Chris Evans (34 million). Only for naïevelingen remarkable: in addition to Clooney, you will think of the rest of the topverdieners rarely someone in a supposedly “better film” appear.

Last week, Forbes already in the list of highest earning actresses known. That list was a little surprising, led by the 33-year-old Scarlett Johansson. With its 40.5 million they would be in a genderloze arrangement, however, does not go beyond a shared sixth place with Kumar. For those who Kumar does not know: he is the Bollywoodster.

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