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Stoffel Vandoorne in the problems: “We need a miracle”

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For the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne, is the weekend of the GP of Belgium has not started well. Vandoorne experienced two difficult and very frustrating practice sessions with a lot of problems, making it two times the slowest time riding.

“I had again today for a day filled with problems, it was not the best start of the weekend,” begins Vandoorne his back. “At the beginning of the first training session I had remproblemen and then problems related to the engine. I succeeded, in some good laps to drive and I don’t really have the feeling that I have today have to work.”

Even more problems
Also, the second training session on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps was Vandoorne signed by problems.

“I also started the second training session with problems, I drove then also maybe just a run which is more or less representative. It was a very frustrating day for me, definitely for my hometown audience.”

“I was optimistic when I came here, I was really looking forward to racing with a lot of positive energy and support from the fans. And then in this way, the weekend to start is certainly not ideal. I have really huge problems the last time and I really hope I know what normal can drive, without any problems. This is really very frustrating.”

With both mclaren’s that will be around three seconds slower than Kimi were times, it is clear that McLaren are so far not good for the day at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps.

We have a miracle need
“The performance today was definitely not. It is missing our speed and competitiveness. There rest of us have a lot of work. I think that we will see this weekend, a miracle is needed to have a good result. The only thing it perhaps what can help is rain or challenging circumstances. We will see if there might be rain but the rest of us still have a long way and I see us this weekend still difficult lot of progress books,” concluded a disappointed Vandoorne.

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