Spanish government agrees to the relocation of grave Franco

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The Spanish government Friday, a decree was approved that the process will be restarted for the excavation and relocation of the remains of dictator Francisco Franco. That has deputy prime minister, Carmen Calvo, of the social democratic party PSOE, and communicated.

Franco is already more than forty years buried in a huge mausoleum in El Valle de los Caidos (The Valley of the Fallen), about fifty kilometres north-east of Madrid. The giant monument, which was still under Franco, himself, was erected in honour of the victims of the Spanish civil War (1936-1939), currently being used as a place of pilgrimage for the extreme right-wing and supporters of the dictator.

The social democratic PSOE, which since June is in power, had already made clear that the remains of Franco out there would like to remove. “We celebrate in Spain forty years of democracy and a stable and mature constitutional order. That is not compatible with a mausoleum where Franco continues to glorify”, said Calvo Friday to the press.

The government decree on Friday to prepare the amendment of an existing act, that the relocation of the grave. So will you avoid that the relocation of the grave may be legally challenged by the family of Franco, who opposes the exhumation. “The government has an opportunistic, cowardly and vindictive decision’, says grandson Francisco Franco Martínez-Bordiú at The Guardian. “This is a trick of the left to win votes.’

‘Wounds disembowelling’

The decree should in september have yet to be approved in the parliament. The conservative people’s party PP and the liberal party Ciudadanos have already announced that they are against will vote. PP leader Pablo Casado calls it ‘irresponsible to have already healed wounds open again to tear’. But it is believed that prime minister Pedro Sanchez yet sufficient support will find a majority to hit.

According to Carmen Calvo can Franco is still possible that this year will be excavated.

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