SIX is ready for a spectacular autumn

bdd5ad55a9785302c714fee345ff0c43 - SIX is ready for a spectacular autumn

SIX is still on a roll. Since the start of SIX on October 6, 2016, gets the youngest broadcaster in Flanders, an average all day share of 2.4% on VVA 18-54. After a small two year scores SIX still firmly above the intended 1%, and the transmitter are located in the Flemish media landscape, know how to conquer.

On Monday, 3 september NRJ on air and bites radiomaakster Kim Muylaert live the peak at SIX to 6 hours. NJC stands for “hit music only”. Only the hit music of now, for a new generation of Flemish young people, will be heard at this light station made by young and new radiotalent. Show Smet, Xander Peeters, Olivia De Clercq, Emma Salden, Louise Ailliet, Valerie Wynants, Michaël Joossens, Evi Geysels, Youssef El Kaouakibi, Elias Smekens and Kim Muylaert make for lively radio, and a daily serving of hits.

NJC operates from Antwerp, but will, thanks to flying reporters, and regional-news also to stay up to date of the events in the other Flemish NRJ cities: Genk, Hasselt, Leuven, Geel, Turnhout, Mechelen, Brussels, Aalst, Sint-Niklaas, Ghent, Kortrijk, Roeselare, Bruges and Ostend. NRJ is a daily follow-up on the SIX and listen to it via FM, online at and later also via DAB+.

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