Scouts do not want the uniforms to see in horrorattractie Bobbejaanland

7c28f4f3472826a1cfb503ad35149b83 - Scouts do not want the uniforms to see in horrorattractie Bobbejaanland

The Scouts and Guides Flanders asks Bobbejaanland, which at the planned new attraction around the horror film ‘Cub’ every association with the scouting movement to avoid it. The youth movement worked, although to the film, but an attraction, they don’t sit.

Bobbejaanland wants this autumn, on the occasion of Halloween to extract a maze in the theme of ‘Baby’, a horror film from 2014 around a scoutsgroep to the Bulge to summer camp. Because director Jonas Govaerts from the scouting and the artistic project went, gave the Scouts and Guides Flanders at the time his consent for the film.

“Jonas has given us recently in the name of “Bobbejaanland” in a very proper manner, asked whether we also have an association with an amusement ride would see, but that is far of our pedagogical project, to a sober way of activities for young people to work out with the emphasis on peace and quiet and enjoy nature, ” says Jan Van Reusel of the Scouts and Guides Flanders.

‘Bobbejaanland we have since then, nothing heard. We hope that they will show understanding for our position and all scoutselementen such as logos and uniforms on the our seem, refrain.’

Bobbejaanland, in a comment that the Scouts and Guides Flanders indeed contributed to the attraction not want to grant and therefore caution is placed. “In our communication, we refer not to scouting and the uniforms will be different, instead of referring to a youth movement in general,” says spokeswoman Peggy Verelst. ‘A youth camp link to “scare” we find, however, if would be nice if Halloweenthema.’

The Scouts and Guides Flanders is still know that Bobbejaanland them in the meantime, has been invited to consultations in order to come to a solution.

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