Russian trolls twitterden about vaccination

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WASHINGTON – Russian Twitter accounts have more ways to tried to unrest at home. That, say American scientists. So would the accounts have also written about vaccinations. The researchers from three prestigious American universities to write about it in the wetenschapsblad American Journal of Public Health.

The so-called trolls chose not a hand, but sent insults to both opponents of vaccinations. They wanted people to be so against each other to set up and unrest sowing. “They use a vaccination in order to drive a wedge between people”, write the researchers.

The researchers looked at tweets about the vaccinations that between 2014 and 2017 were placed. Many messages were posted by accounts that have been associated with the Internet Research Agency, a ’trollenfabriek ” in Saint-Petersburg. Some tweets said that vaccines, autism can cause dangerous amounts of mercury or that they are part of a secret plan for humanity to suppress. Other tweets fell medicijnfabrikanten.

But in other posts, sometimes posted by the same accounts, was, for example, that vaccinations should be required. “You can’t do to stupidity. Let them die of the measles”, was a tweet.

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