Russian trolls tweeting about vaccinations

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Russian trolls and bots have false information on Twitter to spread about vaccinations before and during the U.s. presidential election. That suggests a new study.

The Russian trolls, the same that the American elections were trying to manipulate, tweetten content that is both for and against vaccinations pleaded. They jazzband both sides, say the researchers from the George Washington University.

“These trolls seem to be vaccinations to use in order to divide in American society,” says professor Mark Dredze. ‘By both sides to play, they do the public’s trust in vaccinations are crumbling, making them all of us expose you to the risk of infectious diseases. Viruses respect borders.”

The study is published in the American Journal of Public Health and comes at a time when Europe, a record number of people count in the past few months the measles have received. The increase is attributed to a decrease in the vaccination coverage.

“The vast majority of Americans believe that vaccinations are safe and efficient, but Twitter gives the impression that there are a lot of discussions about,” says researcher David Broniatowski.

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