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Ripple CEO, Brad garlinghouse: XRP less volatile than Fiat

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Brad Garlinghouse, in his capacity of CEO of Ripple, an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on YouTube. In the process, he revealed why he finds that XRP currencies are less volatile than Fiat.

22. August, David Schwartz, published on the official Ripple-Homepage, a post, to the effect that the XRP Ledger was at least as, if not more decentralized than Bitcoin and Ether. This can be explained only by the consensus Protocol from the XRP. The fact that the XRP-Validators would not be rewarded in comparison to the Bitcoin miners for the validation of the transactions, it was ultimately a “decentralised, democratic consensus mechanism” that could be controlled by any single party. So no 51% attack is the XRP Ledger, in contrast to Bitcoin is possible, finally, each Validator will have only one vote.

In his AMA on the same day, Brad garlinghouse described this analysis as “profound” and confirmed:

“Ripple has of these, 150 Validators, only 10 – so about seven percent.”

So there is only a centralized company called Ripple, which invest in the XRP Protocol. (What comes to the language, refer to the fact that this centralized company has, in fact, more than half of the total available amount of XRP in Escrow, here.)

In relation to the further development of XRapid and the adaptation of XRP with the views of Asia, Brad garlinghouse was for the future also hope:

“I’m very optimistic that we have a product that solves an actual Problem. And I am pleased with the progress we make. I’m an impatient Person, this could go faster. But if you solve a real Problem, and tensions are removed from the System will recognize the people.“

XRP is Less volatile than Fiat?

Finally, the CEO of Ripple on the theme of volatility to speak of. Here he explained, with an impressive example, why XRP is, ultimately, currencies are less volatile than Fiat:

“People always talk about the volatility, if you hold crypto-currencies for three or four seconds for a XRP transaction. But this is false. The volatility risk of holding XRP for three seconds, in comparison to the Fiat much lower. If you hold Fiat for three days, and you will have a much greater risk of Volatility. The volatility risk in the case of XRP is so much lower, because it is so fast and so efficiently.“

The XRP exchange rate recorded in the last month, a decline of 29 percent. The course is just $ 0.32, and performed within the last three seconds are quite good.

The complete Video is here:

Ask Me Anything With Brad Garlinghouse

Watch this Video on YouTube.

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