Playboy model strangled

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New York – A former Playboymodel is strangled found in her home in Philadelphia.

The 36-year-old Christina Carlin-Kraft had last Saturday yet the police at her door had her wanted to talk about a burglary. There were jewelry and expensive handbags are recovered, reports ABC13.

Shortly afterwards she was found dead. The police will not or cannot say, or things with each other can be associated.

In 2016 there was a relletje around the model. She was in Manhattan, in the public quarrel in The restaurant The Smith about the bill. Before she was indicted, amar later acquitted.

The family Kraft is in shock by her death. At Fox29, they say that Christina, the room did light up as they came in’.

There is still no suspect arrested.

On a modellenpagina where she imagines, writes Christina that she is of Russian/German descent with a touch of Sweden’. She describes the naaktreportage in Playvboy as ’tasteful’.

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