MNM and Radio 2 win listeners, other VRT-nets lose there

The new Cim-numbers show great results for the VRT channels to record. Vote each day more than 3 million listeners on one of the VRT radio stations.

Els Van De Sijpe, manager radio: “These are great results, The penalty score of Radio 2 jumps into the eye: everyday listening 1.3 million Flemings to the largest familiezender. MNM reached never seen so many young people, when listeners between 12 and 24 is the market share increased further to more than 31 percent. With an action like Marathonradio has MNM’s also really impact on this group. We know that from research of our VRT-research: A third of all students in Flanders felt by MNM really supported by Marathonradio in the study period.”

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