Michael Lanzo brings a oorwurm of size from

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The exceptional summer that this year we have the experience, a lot of people to dance. Also Michael Lanzo likes to the dance floor unsafe. Preferably he will do it to the music of his idol Semino Rossi, that with his ‘Bailamos’ – which means ‘let us dance’ – the inspiration aanleverde for Michaels new single!

Michael Lanzo with his warm voice, his strong strokes and rhythmic music for many years for the necessary temperament in showbizzland. Wherever the singer on the stage, breaks a small party loose and people start to dance.

In his quest for a new single, came Michael go to ‘Bailamos’, a song from his idol Semino Rossi from 2009. Lanzo has his admiration for the Austrian schlagerzanger with Argentine roots never under chairs or sofas stabbed and dives but happy to be in his repertoire.

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