Long prison sentences after cokesmokkel in a private jet

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LONDON – Four men have posed as businessmen, and a privévliegtuig rented to drug smuggling. They flew from Great Britain to Colombia, supposedly to go to a concert of Bruno Mars. Back in January they ran, however, against the lamp. Two Britons and a Spaniard sentenced to 24 years in prison, another Spaniard got 20 years in jail.

The four had in their luggage no less than 500 kilos of cocaine. According to the British justice, they had the drugs for 41 million pounds can be sold, translated more than 45 million euros.

The four were in the everyday life of masons and waiters, but for the smuggling they did themselves as businessmen who were active in the world of virtual money, and in the music industry. They paid about 150,000 euros in cash for a plane to rent. On the day of departure, they became one with the luxury cars to the airport. They also had arranged for a specific company, the aircraft would handle in Colombia. There brought an armored car with the drugs to the plane. Also had the gang a nepagent with nepspeurhond enabled to do if the luggage was checked.

The smugglers were caught when they landed at an airport southwest of London. The customs authorities found 513 blocks of cocaine. The four said that they had no idea how the drugs were there come.

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