John McCain let cancer stop

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Us senator John McCain (82), in 2008, presidential candidate for the Republicans, let his treatment for a brain tumor to stop. That made his family Friday known.

The New York Times reports that the decision of McCain indicates that he is still only a few days to live. According to the newspaper, the family has gathered in the ranch of McCain in Arizona.

“Last summer was senator John McCain known his family for a much longer time knew: that he had a glioblastoma was established. In the past year, John has exceeded expectations. But his illness and advancing age now require their toll’, says the family McCain in a statement. With the for him usual willpower, John has now decided the medical treatment to stop.’

McCain underwent in July 2017 a cancer treatment, and has been since december no longer in Washington appeared. However, he weighed, according to The New York Times still on the political debate. As he delivered sharp criticism of president Donald Trump after his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

John McCain is already thirty years senator for the Republicans. In 2008 he took during the presidential election for that party against Barack Obama, who eventually became president.

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