Japan gets first female fighter pilot

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Misa Matsushima has her Top Gun-dream come true: she is the first female fighter pilot of Japan.

Since the movie Top Gun saw as a child dreamed Misa Matsushima to fighter pilot to be. Now the 26-year-old woman, her training completed, three years after Japan’s ban on female gevechtspiloten has raised.

“I admire gevechtspiloten since I Top Gun I have seen,” says Matsushima. “I want to continue to work hard, not only for myself but also for the women who take this path want to follow in the future.”

Three other women are currently also working on their training.

Initially intended the flyer to transport aircraft from the army to fly, but when the genderbeperkingen were lifted in 2015 she went for a fighter pilot.

“I hope she is a role model for women who is a fighter pilot want to be,” says her former instructor Osamu Uemori.

Earlier this year was Ryoko Azuma, the first woman to squadronleider was in the Japanese navy. When they began in 1996, women were still not allowed on warships. Japanese submarines crew consists always only of men.

The Japanese army does more appeal to women now, the active population shrinks by falling birth rates.

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