Italy threatens EU over migration

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Italy threatens EU contribution to stop if there is not more of the principle of solidarity on migration. That’s never been seen before. ‘The EU works on the basis of rules in place of threats’, the Commission’s response.

‘Keep the migrants on the #Diciotti a hunger strike? Let them do what them appropriate seem. In Italy, life there are five million people in absolute poverty, they love each day of a hunger strike.’ …

‘Keep the migrants on the #Diciotti a hunger strike? Let them do what them appropriate seem. In Italy, life there are five million people in absolute poverty, they love each day of a hunger strike.’

As responded Matteo Salvini, the Italian minister of the Interior, on the message that a hunger strike would have broken out on the ship of the Italian coast guard. The 150 migrants – especially Eritreeërs – who have been since Monday night stuck in the port of Catania (Sicily), the deployment of a new European political poker game.

Salvini had Wednesday night decided that the 27 minors the ship were allowed to leave. ‘Italy is a country with a warm heart, he know then. But the 150 others have of him on the ship to other EU member states are prepared to each of the 177 rescued migrants to catch. The leader of the far-right Lega wants other member states so as to compel the need for more European solidarity.

Francken says no

The European Commission have been trying since Sunday evening to find a solution for the 177 people. She mediates between member states that this summer the crew had ngo-ships in Italy, as could construction of Salvini.

Also an informal meeting yesterday between diplomats from Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malta, Greece and Ireland yielded no breakthrough. The fact that this year per head of the population less asylum seekers arrive in Italy than in other countries (see inset) played a role in this.

The Belgian state secretary for Asylum and Migration, Theo Francken (N-VA), had previously already stated that Belgium does not intend to the passengers of the Diciotti to catch. And in any case, it was the intention to find structural solutions, instead of this ‘vessel-per-vessel-capacity’. But also that did not work. According to an EU diplomat made the four-hour meeting difficult.

The Italian deputy prime minister Luigi Di Maio had, however, the pressure increased: ‘As the meeting of the European Commission no agreement about the Diciotti, and about the distribution of the refugees, is the Vijfsterrenbeweging no longer willing year for the EU of 20 billion euros to give.’

Focus on solution

A member state contributions could not pay and so are legal obligations would not respect, has never occurred within the EU, said Alexander Winterstein, spokesman of the Commission. He would not speculate about how the Commission in this case is responding.

‘Find a solution is now our priority. It would also be the focus of all the others. Threats to bring a solution not closer. The EU works on the basis of cooperation and rules, not on the basis of threats.’

The lack of understanding about the attacks from Rome on the Commission in Brussels: “We try to find a solution between member states that are responsible. Yet we get it back in our face, but that we are since 1958, just’, is to hear.

Di Maio took also a bug with the figures. In 2017 Italy contributed 12 billion euros to the European budget, but received also 9.8 billion from the European funds under the migratiecrisis to relieve.

Italian frustration

The Italian’s frustration stems from the feeling that the other member states the conclusions of the European summit at the end of June in Brussels forgotten seem to be. After a long, night-time meeting promised the EU leaders when they Italy would help migrants to ‘controlled centres in the member states. There would be a selection has to be made between refugees and economic migrants, which then would be returned to their country of origin.

But the Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte could not prevent the words ‘voluntary’ in the conclusions to demolish. And yet there is no EU-member state plan to such a centre. Conte took last night out to the ‘hypocrisy’ within the EU calls and the gap between promises and deeds. ‘Italy will be conclusions to draw’, was threatened, he again.

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