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“If I go to a café had gone, they followed me often with the combi to see if I really was going to go home’

He started in the technical education, today, political scientist Jonathan Holslag (37) the ear of generals, princes, politicians. Artist Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (66) cut-off: “I was 40 and had nothing.’ In Villa Hellebosch are they talking about beauty, art, and their fathers. And about rebellion and citizenship.

Holslag: “My father was everything, his hands, his head – but he was not there in that creativity. At the age of eighteen he was with the mujahideen in Afghanistan, he is a shoemaker, we have the Klein-sinaai, belgium as hippies on a small farm lived, where we teerden on a homemade goat cheese and pepper cake, pear syrup.’

AMVK: ‘it Seems to me idyllic.’
Holslag: “I was not. in Winter, were covered with frost-flowers on the window, my youngest brother is with pneumonia discharged.’

Saturday, read in dS Weekblad the dubbelinterview with Jonathan Holslag & Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven. Below you can read a preview.

Holslag: “I have ever written that we are in a cotton wool society life: we roar and roll with the results on social media, but if it comes to it, we put ourselves behind our laptop away.’

AMVK: ‘O, but I come as a woman always intervene if something happens. The older you are, the more that is accepted.’

Holslag: “Last week I saw five young guys the wall of the pool in Countries climb up. Ball on the roof, they said, I offered to help. Which they are on a walk. I’ve got one tackle and it turned out to be: they were no burglars. But if we all let this happen, we need not be surprised if certain people are requiring more and more space of the market.’

You have the police, but it turned out a young art students that are on the roof photos wanted to take.

AMVK: ‘Really?’

Holslag: “I have the art fed! (laughs) That young man has in a combi at the time, now he is really a rebel’.

You will find that your citizenship there tips over?

Holslag: “No. Lately there has been a lot of burglaries in the region, as five men on a walk, I find it my job back.”

AMVK: ‘Now complain about Moroccans is that they are so often their only need to show, in the past, we as artists always suspicious. Because we look different in appearance. If I use the café was gone, they followed me often with the combi to see if I really was going to go home.’

Van Kerckhoven tells about the first project she ever with her husband ‘curated’: work of the young performance artist Claude Yande, ” an Amadees’, which in their Club Moral a cordon gendarmes on the ground had to be drawn, and then pig lungs had been laid. ‘And during the performance he fell that figures with molotov cocktails. True – the audience fled immediately to the outside!’

All lucky that Jonathan is not accidentally passed in the hallway, whether he had the police called.

AMVK: “in any case, we were immediately in the gazet, but there was also an official statement of the Communist Party which explicitly bapak.’ (laughs)

Delicious free but not easy years were the. “I’ve never had any grants asked for, I wanted to nobody “thank you” to say. Danny do it.” She learned to know him during a mail art project of him that somewhat went wrong. “He had a hundred people in a letter written that he is in the International Cultural Centre in Antwerp, had hidden and that she had come to search. But then the post are on strike and a day later the museum staff, and he got locked up, only after four days, he could be freed. I was that his hiding-place discovered. Onnozelaar, I thought, but also: how interesting! As for the rest, I found the art world as anything but exciting.’

“When I was forty, I have a serious crises. My work sold and not closed when nothing, I got nowhere. I am saved because I am at the academy of Ghent could go to teaching: I found new insights, my career has been when of the ground. But the exhibition in the Muhka build, that was a near-death experience: very that searching life was over.’

Saturday, read in dS Weekblad the dubbelinterview with Jonathan Holslag & Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven.

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