Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaii

f3f7cde8133011bd8745c7444e792943 - Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaii

Strong wind, heavy rainfall and flooding announce the arrival of hurricane Lane to Hawaïi.

Although the storm, meanwhile, is weakened to a category three, continues to be the situation according to the National Weather Service are ‘dangerous’. ‘The next 48 hours, there will be Lane according to the predictions that still weaken, but she remains a hurricane as she gets closer to the islands, ” says the weather service.

Especially on the eastern side of the Big Island is a lot of rain had fallen. In some places roads are closed because of landslides. On social media is to see how some places are flooded.

Tourists are advised to stay away from the Seven Sacred Pools. The falls are a popular attraction on the island of Maui.

The American president Donald Trump has on the island of Hawaii, the state of emergency was declared for the arrival of hurricane Lane. Thus there is federal money for the passage to prepare.

Hurricanes are rare in the region. For the four years will pass a storm that is powerful enough to put a name to within a hundred miles of the islands. In the wake of hurricane Iniki, a category 4, went in 1992 six deaths. More than 14,000 houses were damaged. That is the most powerful hurricane that Hawaii has been hit.

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