Hotel Hurghada evacuated after death two guests

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Hurghada – A popular tourist hotel in the Egyptian Hurghada is evacuated after the mysterious death of two English guests. Among them, in addition to English, also Germans, Belgians and Dutch.

The Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel in Hurghada, where dozens of people have become ill. Two Englishmen died earlier this week.

In the first instance, it was said that John and Susan Cooper in quick succession by a heart attack to the life in the Steigenberger Aqua Magic Hotel.

But reisorgansatie Thomas Cook late examine whether there is large-scale food poisoning in the 725-room hotel. Until that time, his three hundred guests accommodated elsewhere, writes the Daily Mail. Among them, twenty Belgians.

Cook would have found that several people have become ill in the complex on the Red Sea.


The newspaper says several people have spoken to that sick home returned. In all cases that, according to them, with the hotelvoedsel, says the Mail. On BBC4 tells a woman that there were at least forty guests unwell last week.

“The food was poorly cooked and sometimes even eaten raw”. A father of a girl of 16 years, says in the Mail that his daughter is very sick returned. In the hospital was food poisoning found.


Thomas Cook, everyone has a different place in Hurghada or a trip to home offered. The current bookings of the hotel ’as a precaution’ cancelled, so let the tour operator know in a comment.

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