Helmut Lotti brings Soul Classics in Symphony from

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Helmut Lotti returns with Soul Classics in Symphony. Ten years after “Time to Swing” is the comeback of this great Belgian singer at all a fact. The first single is “My Girl”. On 28 september follows the full cd: “Soul Classics in Symphony”. “Soul Classics In Symphony”, the latest concept album of the birth Gentenaar Helmut Lotti, close to ten years after “Time To Swing” perfectly with a matchless successage that began in 1995 with Helmut Lotti Goes Classic. Helmut proves once again his talent for the singing of melodious, romantic music, but also shows good taste for fiery classic soul with his version of “My Girl”. Now Helmut in “My Girl” as never before, his soul to soul and exposes his youngest successes in a heavenly new light: The Comeback Album, the comeback concert and the comeback tour proved the perfect announcement of this unexpected glorious return of the best of Helmut Lotti.

This is certainly an album to look forward to! Such as the top of this article mentioned, it is still to wait until september 28 for he everywhere will be available. People who are “Soul Classics in Symphony” by Helmut Lotti definitely not want to miss, can him here for order.

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