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Hamilton and Vettel to compete with the improved F1-motor in Belgium

8adbab59b803e38f28fd74ad70fabda2 - Hamilton and Vettel to compete with the improved F1-motor in Belgium

Titelrivalen Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel start the second part of the F1 season, both with an improved power unit.

During the season the F1 teams the opportunity to twice get away with an upgrade for their power unit. Most teams found the first upgrade already taking place after seven races, and different teams will prior to the GP of Belgium is once again a motorupgrade.

Due to the long straights and big elevation changes on the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps is a very important to have a strong engine. Moreover, barely a week later, the GP of Italy on the Monza circuit, which is also known for its very long straights and high top speeds. Too, it is also important to have a powerful possible engine.

At Mercedes and Ferrari, they put already everything in the battle for the title and they give Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel an improved version of the power unit.

“Each upgrade and any possibility for an upgrade are very important. On the next two circuits is power is very important,” says Hamilton. “I think Ferrari this weekend as we also have a new power unit. It is also interesting to kiss how these against each other will perform. I have already put a lot of trust in.”

In addition to the upgrade of the power unit have Mercedes and Ferrari also a lot of aerodynamic upgrades for their F1 cars. They have a rear wing specifically for the Spa-Francorchamps circuit was built to use as little as possible air resistance to generate and maintain sufficient grip to offer.

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