German fire keeps fire away from villages

3323a26904ea679fddca4a4f5c6a1d09 - German fire keeps fire away from villages

TREUENBRIETZEN – The fire department is there on Friday succeeded in the three forest fires threatened the towns and villages in the German state of Brandenburg to protect against the flames. About five hundred inhabitants of the villages Frohnsdorf, Klausdorf and Tiefenbrunnen had Thursday evening to leave their homes because of the fire, about 50 kilometers south of Berlin.

A firefighter in the south of Brandenburg.

The fire still rages in the area of approximately 400 hectares. The bluswerkzaamheden be complicated by the fact that there are in the area a lot of ammunition in the ground. ,,We can in some places not to,” said a brandweerwoordvoerder.

The fire started Thursday afternoon by unknown cause, and spread quickly, partly due to the drought in East Germany prevails. ,,We already have a number of large forest fires in the region had, but a fire of this size and such that between the villages rages on, we have not yet experienced.”, Michael said Handsome, mayor of the nearby town of Treuenbrietzen. Stay there thirty people in emergency shelters in the town hall. Most of the evacuated villagers are staying with friends and acquaintances.

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