Ecuador opens humanitarian corridor to Peru

6a9b013488568b60f34a160c2de62c62 - Ecuador opens humanitarian corridor to Peru

QUITO – The Ecuadorian government calls a humanitarian corridor in the life for refugees from Venezuela. Through this corridor the refugees with buses to the border with Peru. Many Venezuelans are trying to foot through the Andesland further to travel to Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.

Hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans flights currently to hunger, misery and economic crisis in their country. According to the United Nations has been 2.3 million Venezuelanen leave the country. The countries in the region are increasingly assaulted by the supposedly largest international vluchtelingencrisis in the history of Latin America.

Minister of Home Affairs Mauro Toscanini announced that the more than 800-kilometer-long journey of the refugees from the north to the south of Ecuador by the police will be supported.

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