Doctor in the Congo are infected with dengue fever virus

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GENEVA – A doctor in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is in the hospital with symptoms of the deadly and contagious dengue fever virus. It would be the first infection in one of the “very unsafe” areas in the east of the country, reports the world health organization (WHO).

Doctors in Congo (photo for illustration).

“It has been the terrifying problem for which we feared,” says the deputy WHO director Peter Salama in a comment. The doctor lives in the town of Oicha in the north of the province of Kivu. Also are 97 people with whom the physician has contact had now been identified. They will be vaccinated.

The city of Oicha is almost completely surrounded by rebels of the extremist moslimbeweging ADF), which since the nineties, is active in eastern Congo and Uganda. Social workers, priests, and officials are taken hostage held in the area, said Salama.

Employees of the WHO and public health experts came out with an armed escort from the UN earlier this week in Oicha. .,We now know of this incident in Oicha and we must now in a very complex environment to operate because of the security and access issues,” says Salama.

Since the outbreak of ebola in Congo, with 103 confirmed and probable ebolagevallen. Meanwhile, 63 people died. More than 2900 people since the outbreak vaccinated.

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