Death toll earthquakes Lombok runs on

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JAKARTA – The death toll by the earthquakes on the Indonesian island of Lombok has risen to 555. Reports that the Indonesian disaster agency BNPB Friday. Certainly 77.000 houses have been destroyed by the earthquakes. Almost 400,000 inhabitants live in shelters.

Lombok, which is east of the holiday island of Bali, is since 29 July hit by a series of earthquakes and aftershocks. On 5 August arrived on the island more than 460 people were killed by a quake with a strength of 6.9. Last Sunday, the island was hit by two severe earthquakes with a force of 6.5, and 6.9. That there is this time less casualties, is because the quakes were getting further and further away and deeper into the sea took place.

The Indonesian government estimates the economic damage from the earthquakes at around 440 million euros, but assumes that this amount will increase.

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