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Canada: Blockchain-ETF aims at increasing adaptation

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A canadian company called First Block Capital intends to facilitate investors ‘ access to the Blockchain-companies. To this purpose, the company, headquartered in Vancouver, an exchange-traded Fund (Exchange Traded Fund, ETF), to be on the verge of approval.

FCB Digital Ledger Technology Adopters ETF – this is the Name of the new financial product that should already be in the next month to the canadian Aequitas NEO Exchange listed. The publisher of the Fund, Block One Capital, is an Investment company focused on early-stage Blockchain Start-ups.

The Fund is to consist, to a large extent from so-called Blue-Chip Stocks. These “Blue Chips”, in English also “default values” are stocks of high-turnover large enterprises.

“We really look at companies that are household names – IBM, Maersk, Amazon – these are all large companies that use the Blockchain in order to improve your business”,

First Block Capital COO Bill Stromont told the US news Agency Bloomberg. These companies are, meanwhile, at the mercy of the fate of the Blockchain technology-dependent:

“You stand or fall is not necessary with your Blockchain investments. But if you integrate, it is our hope that these names show a good performance.“

Blue Chips should make up approximately 75 percent of the weighting in the Fund. The remaining 25 percent of the portfolio in riskier Blockchain and Mining companies.

“The Fund will not rely on the fact that the Blockchain sector is in fashion”,

so Stromont.

The Best of both worlds?

The FCB Digital Ledger Technology Adopters ETF is obviously a growing adaptation of the Blockchain technology. The combination of pulsation from crypto companies such as IBM or Maersk-type prying large on the one hand, and risk, but potentially high-yielding Blockchain Start-ups, on the other hand, targeting synergy effects. So in the case of the progressive adaptation of the Blockchain could promote the “Large” there is a growing interest in the smaller Blockchain Start-ups. Maersk and IBM, which will both be part of the portfolio, have worked with TradeLens already in block chain-based solutions for the logistics sector – with a focus on the global transport of goods.

Next month will show how the ETF of First Block Capital performs on the canadian stock exchange. Much will depend on the adaptation. At least in the logistics, the course has been set already.

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