’Bond movie will be delayed until at least 2020’

5fab8aa658194319c57c029d34faf29a - ’Bond movie will be delayed until at least 2020’

LOS ANGELES – The latest James Bond movie will at its earliest until 2020 in the cinemas. It reports the authoritative entertainment magazine The Hollywood Reporter on the basis of insiders. The producers had Friday summit about the situation after the departure of director Danny Boyle.

The departure of Danny Boyle is quite catastrophic for the Bond production.

Bond adventure 25 was scheduled for a premiere at the end of October next year, but that is not feasible now, the recordings to be postponed. Tuesday, it was announced that Danny Boyle, the project was met due to ,,creative disagreement”.

The scenario of Boyle and co-writer John Hodge would be more pronounced. The film would be a Russian villain have and suitable, and,for the era of #MeToo #TimesUp”. Insiders suggest that the producers of these current themes are still a bridge too far for Bond 25.

Question now is whether the leading actor Daniel Craig still makes sense in the film if the shots are delayed.

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