Belgian in Vosges confused with searched moordverdachte

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Agents in the Vosges mountains have a Belgian controlled of who they thought he was the Dutch moordverdachte Jos B. was.

Two Amsterdam police officers on vacation, saw the Belgian at for the 55-year-old Jos B., the suspect in the murder of Nicky Verstappen. They photographed and filmed him when he the street crossed. The agents warned directly to the colleagues in the Netherlands. After seeing the images switched from the French gendarmerie.

Within half an hour the man was tracked down. It turned out not to Jos B. to go, the Belgian showed some similarity.

The police are now hundreds of tips were received about B. and his place of residence. Since april is missing any trace of the suspect.

Thanks to extensive DNA research came a breakthrough in the 20-year-old murder of Nicky Verstappen, when 11 years old. There is a 100 percent match between the DNA of Jos B., a 55-year-old native of Simpelveld, a village close to Brunssum, and the marks on the pants of Nicky.

Probably realized B. that he was against the lamp would run and therefore, he fled. B. is a so-called bushcrafter. He accompanies survival trips in the nature. Before he retreats regularly to the French Vosges, where he is a board member of a base camp for bushcrafters.

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