Austria wants headscarf ban from kindergartens

d206e43ef78ceb4b841bffc8db20b483 - Austria wants headscarf ban from kindergartens

The Austrian government wants to girls in kindergartens prohibit a headscarf to wear. The ban is part of a broader agreement about the child care. How many girls are in the practice already wear a headscarf in the kindergarten class is, however, unclear.

There will also be a catalogue for kindergartens, and Vienna wants to put a stop to islamic kindergartens. ‘For the first time will be with the hoofddoekverbod and the catalogue also clear rules and standards for kindergartens apply, to ensure that, especially in islamic kindergartens to an end muddle’, argued chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Twitter.

The agreement between the federal government and the länder regulates especially the future funding of child care in Austria. The opposition speaks of ‘blackmail’ because there is a financial agreement is linked to a hoofddoekverbod.

‘No reliable figures’

On how many children the hoofddoekverbod of application is, could the minister of Families, Juliane Bogner-Strauß of the conservative party ÖVP Friday not say. “There are no reliable figures,” came the.

According to Andrea Klambauer, that for the liberal party Neos in the county of Salzburg, were there in her state the past few years, but a handful of cases, all of which could be solved by a single clarifying conversation’.

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