Australia gets new prime minister after a power struggle

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Scott Morrison is the new prime minister of Australia after Malcolm Turnbull by party members to the exit was forced.

“It was such a privilege to be the leader of this great nation,” said Turnbull. “I love Australia. I love Australians.’

The ex-premier should his post be given to the 50-year-old Scott Morrison, who until now minister of the Budget. Morrison won Friday an internal vote on the chairmanship of the conservative party. In Australia, the chairman of the largest opposition party, also the prime minister.

Power struggle

The power struggle within the Liberal Party began when the now opgestapte Interior minister Peter Dutton, the leadership of Malcolm Turnbull defied. Tuesday, it came to a first vote within the leadership of the party, the 63-year-old Turnbull survived with 48 votes against 35.

The internal divisions, however, proved too large and the 47-year-old Dutton, who shortly after the vote his post of binnenlandminister gave up, announced Wednesday that he is in the towel yet not in the ring would throw. Several ministers submitted their resignation and put the government to a standstill.

Turnbull said that if a majority of members of parliament from the party to him, like to see leave, he would do. That happened Friday, finally: he was voted down with 45 votes against 40.

The new prime minister

Budget Minister Scott Morrison, however, still loyal to Turnbull, had Thursday, meanwhile, already raised as a challenger of Dutton. In addition, announced Friday minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop that they are a throw back to the presidency of the Liberal Party and its prime minister would do.

In a first round of voting between Dutton, Morrison and Bishop got that last Friday the lack of support and she fell off. In the final round of voting took Morrison the of Dutton, with 45 votes against 40.

Since 2007, no Australian prime minister for a full term of presidency. In that time three prime ministers by party members to the output. Four with Turnbull there.

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