Apple and co. call Trump already on the mat

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In an open letter complaining big American tech the tightened visa policy. Less and less highly skilled foreigners allowed to work in America, and there are more and more foreigners after years of service abruptly back sent home.

Almost sixty U.s. ceos responding to the growing verblijfsonzekerheid of their foreign employees. ‘A floating immigration policy is unfair and discourages talented and highly competent people to career opportunities to pursue in the United States’, wrote the ceos of several computer manufacturers such as Apple, IBM, and HP.

Their fear to bring their foreign employees to lose, according to a study of the American independent research firm National Foundation of American Policy is well founded. In the last three months of the previous year was 41 percent less visa applications from highly skilled foreign nationals approved in the three months prior to that.

“That caused a lot of anxiety for thousands of our employees and it threatens the operation of our businesses, to disturb’, wrote the ceos. Trump scored, thanks to its protective economic policies have so far been relatively good with the business leaders in the Us. Yet complain big tech like Apple that the current migration policy in both the economic growth as well as the American competitiveness undermines.

Uncertainty around work visa

‘Companies now know not or a request for a work visa that last month was approved, is adopted when the company the same applies to the status of the employee, to expand’, wrote the ceos.

Last year decided the American president the policies for the highly skilled foreigners in America to address. ‘Buy American, hire American, ” sounds the slogan of his beleidsswitch. The foreigners who are dreaming to get through the work visa in the longer term, to claim American citizenship, his mind for the effort.

Since the change of course decreases the number of highly skilled foreign workers significantly. Many foreign skilled professionals, who come to America want to be denied, and the renewal of the work visa is even no longer a matter of course. To make the new course a bit more force, made the American president last month, the deportation of foreign workers, that their work visa is not more able to extend, possible.

‘Few will their families move and settle in a new country if the government at any time and without warning their departure requirements, often without explanation’, write the leaders in the open letter. “If the vacaturecijfers historically high, is not the moment to access to talent to reduce it.’

Tech were already at the barricade

The protest from the techwereld is not new. When Trump at the end of January last year, the access to the United States, banned for seven different muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) also responded to many computer companies baffled.

So was the ceo of Microsoft that the United States with his entry a big step back. “There are more effective ways to improve public safety, protect without so much additional cause harm to the reputation and values of the country.’

Also, when Tim Cook, Apple’s ceo, an answer ready for the president. After his displeasure had been expressed to some of the officials of the White House, sent Cook an e-mail out to his employees. “Apple strongly believes in the importance of immigration – both for our company and for the future of our country. Apple would not exist without immigration, let alone to grow and innovate.’

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