‘Zwijggeld not with campagnegeld paid”

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The payments of zwijggeld to two women is no infringement on the campagneregels. That has the American president declared in an interview. ‘The money came from me.”

In an interview with Fox & Friends says the American president that the money from the payments made by him, and not of the campaign. The payments are ” no infringement on the campaign’.

“Later, I knew it,” he says in the interview that Thursday’s broadcast. “But you have to understand, what he has done, that came not out of the campaign funding. That is an important thing.’

Thus he speaks of the declaration of his former attorney Michael Cohen. Cohen, ever Trumps ‘fixer’ for unsavory business deals, well-known Tuesday that he had two women who claimed that they ever had an affair with Trump was paid to shut up. He did that in command of “the candidate,” he said. Thus, he meant Donald Trump. The purpose of the elections affect. In that way, made Cohen his former client implicitly complicit in infringements on the law on campaign funding.

In the meantime, Sarah Sanders, White House spokesman, responded during the press briefing. “The president has nothing wrong done, and there are no charges against him. It is not because Michael Cohen, a declaration that the president is involved.”

President Trump has in the past denied that he of the payments knew.

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