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VTM wants to Flemish Netflix to expand

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Medialaan, the parent company of VTM and Q2, wants to take the lead in the creation of a Flemish Netflix. They therefore ask for the support of the government. That told the ceo’ad interim at their autumn presentation.

“We hope to get together with fellow broadcasters a ‘Flemish Netflix’ to develop with a focus on Flemish topfictie, supplemented with international films and series. We want a strong local complementary offer drop in addition to Netflix’, for example, Erwin Deckers and Dirk Lodewyckx, who, since the departure of Peter Bossaert, to the wheel at the company Medialaan/Persgrop Publishing. The two shows ‘abroad, more and more broadcasters to join forces to save to a shared (streaming)platform for development”. The call for a ‘Flemish Netflix in the past few months, also in the television sector to hear. Medialaan now says to, to cart, to wish to draw such an online platform with Flemish topfictie to build. The company wants to about that, first and foremost, engage in discussion with the government. “We have their support is required so that our qualitative Flemish fiction – in spite of the tsunami of English drama can stand in a global digital world’, say the ceos, in a statement. They will say ‘the next time, enter into discussion with the broadcasters about this topic.

Targeted advertising

It is remarkable that Lodewyckx and Deckers in a single breath another ‘brand new online platform’ announced. The free version of their online app Stievie disappears and is transformed in VTM GO, which is in principle quite on VRT Now it seems. All the programmes from all their channels (VTM, Q2, Vitaya, Caz, VTMKzoom and Cadet) will be free to see. Current programs will be there just like with VRT Now thirty days. On top of that comes a whole catalogue of programs that Medialaan in portfolio. There will be targeted advertising. That is targeted advertising that takes into account certain properties of the user of the app, such as location, gender or age.

Also in the field of radio try Medialaan digital refresh. Since Monday can be the listeners of Joe to the ochtendshow of Sven and Anke listen and choose from what period of the music: contemporary, retro-music or eigties music. This is possible because of the ochtendshow on three digital channels at the same time it is broadcast. “If we are to our listeners to ask what kind of radio should change, says 70 percent of their music themselves, want to be able to choose,” says the ceo. ‘Innovation arises and so on.’

Deckers and Lodewyckx were at the autumn presentation do understand that they are the new name of the company between Brussel and De Persgroep Publising in October will disclose. From 1 January 2019 to disappear, de Persgroep Publishing and Medialaan, as the name permanently.

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