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Valentijn Dhaenens wins prize at Edinburgh Fringe

4e498f9fb87b5f17c41d760fc0e15ed4 - Valentijn Dhaenens wins prize at Edinburgh Fringe

Actor Valentijn Dhaenens wins with his monologue ‘Unsung’, a Fringe First, one of the main awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Fringe Firsts focus on ‘new writing’ and on a weekly basis awarded by the newspaper The Scotsman at the Scottish festival. ‘Unsung’ is the English version of ‘Unsung’, the first play of Vincent Stuer (ex-speechwriter of politicians Karel De Gucht and José Manuel Barroso). Actor Valentijn Dhaenens brings the monologue all throughout the month of August at the Edinburgh Fringe, the largest theatre festival in the world.

‘Valentijn Dhaenens plays a young politician in the style of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, tired of hollow slogans about “change”, but will not be able to exceed them’, writes The Scotsman. “He embodies everything what is wrong in the centre-left in western politics, in one of the most powerful performances on the Fringe.’

The international interest for ‘Unsung’, a production by KVS and Skagen, is great: after the Fringe follows certainly still a foreign tour. ‘Unsung’, the Dutch version, the upcoming season is still in Flanders.

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