UN save the alarm about refugee Rohingyakinderen

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COX’S BAZAR – The United Nations save the alarm about the fate of half a million minor Rohingyavluchtelingen in Bangladesh. They live in overcrowded camps, have no access to a good education and do not know when they safely return to their home country of Myanmar.

A Rohingyajongetje.

UN children’s fund UNICEF says that international help is needed to prevent the youth from falling prey to “despair and frustration.” Rohingya, last year, flocking from Myanmar crossed the border. That happened when Burmese security forces with a lot of violence responded to attacks by Rohingya rebels.

The control of education for refugee children appeared, according to UNICEF, an enormous effort. “In July 2018 were about 1200 learning centres surgically, almost 140.000 children make use of. However, there is no coordinated curriculum, classrooms are often overcrowded and lack the availability of drinking water and other facilities”, says the UN organization that a report has been released about the problems.

UNICEF calls on the international community to invest in a good education. That should prevent a “lost generation” of young people that crucial skills are missing and will not be able to contribute to their communities. Also, according to the organization searches for a sustainable solution to the problems in Rakhine, the state where the refugees come from.

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