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U.S. Agency warns against Bitcoin Scam in the case of adultery

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The Federal Trade Commission, a U.S.-based authority, warns consumers to protect themselves from Bitcoin scammers. Currently a fraud scheme making the rounds in the Blackmailers claim that they have information about the alleged adultery or other dark secrets – and to challenge Bitcoin.

Who is not familiar with the E-Mails from the mysterious Nigerian Prince? You have to get a huge fortune inherited, and need not necessarily a bit of money that is transferred to you, but please. So that you can pay it back double and triple.

The Internet seems to be a variety of Fraud schemes to have the doors open. How else is it possible to make in such a short time, so many potential victims? Especially in the crypto scene are meshes for Fraud. Because of the now well-known Ether-Scam that persists on Twitter & Co. Again and again, exchanges can be hacked and the authorities continue to investigate the ever-increasing emergence of new ICO Scams. Nothing New, one should think.

And yet, there are always interesting mesh, the come up with people to facilitate other people of their money. Up to date: scammers scamming scammers. The Federal Trade Commission, an independent U.S. government Agency that has written the combating of unfair Trade on the banner warns of a new Bitcoin Scam. Accordingly, the scammers request that the alleged adulterer to pay them hush money – and only in Bitcoin:

“I know the secret that you in front of your wife, and all the other did. You can this Letter, ignore it, or me 8.600 dollars confidentiality fee.“

The scammers rich apparently friendly manner, a detailed guide on how to buy Bitcoin and then sent. The Federal Trade Commission advises: the one Who Mails get such an E -, you should report it as quickly as possible to the police, or equal to, the FBI. The take care of for us.

Time, the Spam folder clean out.

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