Three VTM-toppers What A Year!

19d9dd1d05201c73171f27fe30f2e7fa - Three VTM-toppers What A Year!

The Saturday night has been for many years a rather weak tv night. A lot of people are not at home and therefore would the ratings be lower. This autumn, wants to VTM there, what to do, and the transmitter picks up with “What a year” with coarse artillery.
50% quiz, 50% game and 100% nostalgia, and show: that’s What A Year! Host Koen Wauters returns to teamcaptains Nathalie Meskens and Jonas Van Geel and a host of guests back to a year that they are consciously experienced. The news, the music, the sports, the outfits, the sets, the most memorable images: everything immerses them – literally – from head to toe in ‘their’ year. Koen, Nathalie and Jonas life out to the buttons of this unpredictable teletijdsquiz.
What a year, from Saturday 8 september at 20.30 pm on VTM.

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