The great sorrow of Imke Courtois

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In The zomert with learn Bruno Wyndaele the romantic side of voetbalanalist Imke Courtois know. Imke, she tells them that five years has waited on her first love.

Voetbalanalist Imke Courtois is Thursday evening guest in The zomert with and tells a romantic story about her first boyfriend. The ex-soccer star since her thirteenth in love with the same boy, but he was already 18. “I was too young and I had to wait. That is a long story, been in my youth.” She has five years to wait until she was old enough. “I find it fun to take me forever to lose in love”, she tells about it. The relationship has subsequently 5 years. “It was even been better if we were married and had children.”

Imke takes her childhood friend Karen with whom she not only played soccer but also a lot of mischief). “We did, Jackass.” During the summer, played in Front of especially in the rural areas, but she is also to Tunisia: “My mother says always that she is there four camels for me.”

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