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The Causa Envion: Why ICOs are so dangerous

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The most successful German ICO-funded Start-up Envion power in this country at the moment, the round in the media landscape. At the time of the all-time highs of Bitcoin course, you gathered a lot of money, which is now considered to be lost. The Backgrounds.

It is the end of 2017. Let us remember: The price of Bitcoin climbs to new heights, the often quoted bubble starts to lose air. Meanwhile, shoot anywhere from the floor to the ICOs. A brilliant opportunity to in a short period of time, a lot of money to collect. Or to lose in a short period of time, a lot of money. It is the spirit of Satoshi’s dancing with the ghosts of decentralisation. In the world of ICOs.

There it is, above all, the Story of Envion, the power in the German-speaking countries at the moment, the round. A lot of money seems to be the stream to be down. The idea was not bad at all.

Background: Mobile Bitcoin-Mining

So-called “Mobile Mining Units” of the Use Case. Mobile Bitcoin Miner, therefore, the use of excess wind-generated electricity. It was the excess energy from Solar, Wind or hydropower plants, which should be used for Bitcoin Mining. At a Bitcoin price of up to $ 20,000 not a bad deal.

Because the virtual IPO was a ICO. According to information of the Handelsblatt, the Team of Envion around Michael Luckow together with Matthias Woestmann of square Capital, to be able to even more money for the project collection.

And all of a sudden the money was gone

Thus, it was possible Envion, until January 2018 30,000 investors a total of 100 million dollars to collect. However, it did, as the Handelsblatt reported, neither business nor given to sales. This, in turn, the Berlin Prosecutor’s office called on the Plan – this determines, among other things, due to computer crime.

Even within the Teams there was a rift – Matthias Woestmann is to have his share of the Company through clever stock transactions from 31 to 81 per cent.

Little to no actual use in a high marketing share – that seems to be the recipe for success in many ICOs. To separate the wheat from the chaff is not always easy. But who was it all clever Marketing? Here’s another German company, comes in to play – Paranoid Internet.

Paranoid Internet: The PR Agency

Paranoid Internet took Envion under their wing. The Agency provides according to their website, that the ideas of their clients “in the spotlight” back to offers “sound economic Knowledge” and “business intelligence”. In addition, they promise their customers to understand the current “digital Transformation” in your context, as well as “to integrate modern technologies” in the business models of its customers. In short: FinTech Marketing at its Finest.

On the private Homepage of Paranoid-Internet-CEO Dennis Weidner, he explained that he wanted to give us an impression of what it means to be a founder. He could now get around the hardness felt. Because the investigation is currently running in all directions, there must be careful, too Paranoid Internet. Compared to BTC-ECHO Dennis Weidner but distances itself from the operations at Envion:

“The employees of the Paranoid Internet-to – internal operations – at Envion no insight. The Paranoid Internet has assisted in Parts of the Crypto PR & Marketing, as an Agency, until the end of 2017. The Envion AG and Paranoid Internet to maintain a business relationship since the completion of the order. Our staff work daily with heart and soul for the success of a customer campaign. As an Agency, you have to rely on the truthful information-administration by customers. The circumstances we find, nevertheless, disappointing for the scene. However, we would like to allow us a judgment about who has what objectives. […]“

Is: beware of ICOs.

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