Tabloid editor testifies about the deal Trump with Stormy Daniels

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David Pecker, publisher of the tabloid National Enquirer and a confidant of president Donald Trump, on a chord thrown in with the public prosecutor’s office in New York. He is in the investigation of the pay of zwijggeld to porno Stormy Daniels outside prosecuted after he has spoken about Trumps role in the case.

That report American media. Also Dylan Howard, another senior official of the company that National Enquirer issues, had a conversation with the prosecutor, and would also agree.

Pecker would be testimonials of women who have an affair with Trump, such as Stormy Daniels, aware from his own publication. He would be the campaign team of Trump may also be advised to have them zwijggeld to make them pay, so they also don’t with other media could talk. In that way, women could not have any influence on the course of the campaign.

It is in the context of the same research that Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of Trump, already has been found guilty for involvement in illegal campaign funding. In that research became the name of National Enquirer is not explicitly named, but for insiders it was clear that there are several times referred to.

That Pecker is now talking with the prosecutor, is rather unexpected. He was already four months ago groups to come and testify, but gave so far no response.

‘Private matter’

President Trump continues to deny that he has done something wrong in the case. According to its most recent version, the payments to a private matter to arrange, not to the campaign to influence. In addition, he says everything with his own money paid, and not with campagnemiddelen. The version of Cohen, he does now as lies.

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