Student will find Ferrari, and Lamborghini in garage grandma

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WASHINGTON – An American student has a Lamborghini Countach and a red Ferrari 308 in the garage of his grandmother found (photos below). The cars were there for twenty years, unused.

Archive photo of a Lamborghini view the found instances (of which The Telegraph, the rights are not) below.

“Despite the rust and the dust, my grandmother’s Lamborghini Countach from 1981’s the most enjoyable,” writes the student on the social media Reddit. The story is now viral.

“My grandfather bought the Lamborghini for exotic car rental company. When the premiums of the insurance is too high, he stopped, but he kept the two cars in his garage. Why he is not sold? I have no idea.”

To illustrate: if the Lamborghini in good condition would suffer, would that 300,000 euros are worth. That is not the case, but will nevertheless find the money for the student, the pseudonym eriegin bears.

The cars are visible in bad condition. Although the student admits that ’this form of automishandeling my soul affects’ it is especially ’amazing’ and ’rare’ for something special to find.

In which city is grandma’s garage, is not mentioned anywhere. The student writes her story anonymously without details.

Who offers?

The student gave later on Reddit to dead broke, and nothing of cars, so the chance is great that a family member’s cars takes over and they hopefully with the help of auto mechanics what old glory can return.

If someone asks if they are for sale, is there still any doubt. “I know that she (granny, red.) there from want, been a while, but no, they are not officially for sale. Bids maybe?”, so writes eriegin.

Others want the student to warn: “There is professional help is needed, these are cars of more than half a million dollars, and car thieves of old-timers are relentless’.

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