Spain sends migrants exclave hacked back to Morocco

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Spain has Thursday 116 migrants who clandestinely the enclave of Ceuta were binnengeraakt to Morocco returned. This was done through a collective expulsion in groups of up to ten people.

That has the prefecture of Ceuta let you know. Spain relies on the ‘reactivation’ of a bilateral agreement, Spain and Morocco, 26 years ago have closed.

Human rights activists have already criticized the measure is expressed.

Spain holds in North Africa, the two enclaves, which Morocco claimed: Ceuta at the Straits of Gibraltar and 250 km further east lies located in Melilla. In the environment of both areas to wait tens of thousands of Africans on an opportunity to be in Europe to get.

Wednesday morning, a group of more than a hundred migrants into Ceuta to penetrate. Some of the agents were thereby injured.

On July 26, all were more than 600 refugees succeeded in the same place in Ceuta to the west.

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