Spain put bestormers fence of Ceuta immediately

24a38a140bfdd77ab543f2039d0ef8b9 - Spain put bestormers fence of Ceuta immediately

MADRID/CEUTA – The more than one hundred Africans who are just about the fences along the Moroccan-Spanish border in Ceuta they climbed, soon to Morocco turned off. This reported Spanish media on the authority of the police.

African migrants climb over a high border on the border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

Wednesday stormed 116 African migrants to the border and penetrated with violence, the Spanish enclave in North Africa. They threw a kind of molotov cocktails in their assault. Thus were seven Spanish agents burns on. The government of the Spanish enclave in North Africa, Juan Jesús Vivas, said that the storming of the border with the extreme amount of violence involved.

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The authorities put the 116 invaded Africans back to Morocco on the basis of an agreement between Spain and Morocco from 1992. This does Morocco people back who are illegally Spain arrived.

Ceuta, 17 kilometres south of the Spanish coast, is already six hundred years of a European possession and now has a border of more than 6 km with Morocco. There trying migrants, the barriers to defy, to be so in the European Union to get without first the Mediterranean Sea need to cross the road.

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