South Africa outraged at interference Trump

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The Us president, Donald Trump has with a tweet mixed in the debate on the controversial land reform in South Africa. He has his minister of Foreign Affairs instructed, ” the large-scale killings on farmers’ surveys. But according to South Africa is Trump not aware of the case.

Shortly before sending the tweet sent Trumps favorite station Fox News has a report about the expropriation of white farmers in South Africa. Moderator Tucker Carlson called the predominantly black South-African government land to steal from whites because of their skin color, and reproached the American government not to act.

The tweet from Trump led in South Africa anger and indignation. The government has the American embassy in Pretoria, all explanations requested, said a spokeswoman of the head of Cyril Ramaphosa to the South African media.

On her official Twitter account reminded the government the statements of Trump powerful of the hand. Which are an attempt to have the land, what it sounds like.

A result of apartheid

In South Africa forms whites about 10 percent of the population but barely a quarter of a century after the end of the racist apartheid regime is still about 72 percent of the agriculturally used land in their hands. Blacks were not allowed to own land during Apartheid.

Ruling party ANC had recently announced plans for a controversial amendment to the constitution, expropriation of private agricultural land without compensation would be possible. President Cyril Ramaphosa defended the intention on Thursday is still in the parliament.


That there the past few years, many white farmers are killed is not disputed. It is, however, more nuanced than Trump does believe. Most of the victims of violence in the country black. The national statistics show, on average, to 34.1 murders per 100,000 inhabitants for the period to 2016/17.

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