Soon the photo of your flitsboete in the mail

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Brussels – Belgium is flashed, will the picture standard of proof.

Justice for our neighbors is that going to do to the whining afterwards. Monthly reports the Belgian police of 400,000 tickets. Many people draw an appeal and want to see the proof.

“By any offender immediately the photo is also to show, we want to especially time-saving books,” says Edward Landtsheere, the spokesman of Justice in The Newspaper. “We hope that they fine faster will pay for it.” By the digital flitskasten it is now relatively simple to evidence immediately.

Also for the drivers themselves, it is good to the photos with their fine control. “If there is evidence of fraud, for example, if someone is your license plate number copied and flashed, then that will also faster come to light,” said Landtsheere.

Justice is still investigating how the flitsfoto at the offender. Or sent immediately, or with a login to view online.

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