Six new candidates for Expedition Robinson

9a4f339129703ffd59fe0402ab6a3929 - Six new candidates for Expedition Robinson

From Thursday, 6 september Bartel Van Riet in Expedition Robinson in search of the best survivor of Flanders. These six do a roll to the ultimate title: crown one of them to Robinson 2018? We put them from left to right.

Robbe is a very sensitive and quiet boy and is the proud owner of a striking moustache. His greatest passion is his own antique and secondhand shop where Robbe peculiar and unique pieces to sell. The logo of his shop? A moustache of course! He lived for two years in a house without water or electricity, so already has some survival skills built up. He doesn’t mind to occasionally have to fend for themselves, though he and his girlfriend really miss while on the island.

Imke is the youngest expedition member has to fulfill. Overlevingskills has them already, because ever dobberde after a windsurfwedstrijd six hours long only around the sea. If this sympathetic surfbabe something can overcome, they can hopefully also Expedition Robinson. They surfte formerly a professional, but at the request of her parents, there’s even a box to learn and is now doing a teacher training. Four months per year, they are still on the shelf and leads them to a windsurfing camp. Her other passion is snowboarding and she does this at a high level.

Angelo is the proud papa of his eyeballs Allegra and Luca. In addition to his job as a sales manager, he is also frantically kick boxing and football. Everything he does, he does to win. “What you see is what you get” with this man. Angelo wants to make sure not the first eliminated, that may be ego.

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