Set the floats by 5 days at sea in a rubber boat

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Novorossiysk – They went fishing, the two lovebirds, but when the sea in their rubber boat farther and farther blew, they were only really ” close to each other. Nadezhda Achapkina (35) and her husband Mikhail Alaverdyan survived five days on a wild sea. “You see your husband sleeping, and at that time stores the boat in order.”

There were ships all over, but that did not help (photo for illustration only, not of the Black Sea)

Exhausted, stepped Nadezhda on the country, supported by rescue workers (see photo below). After five anxious days, finally get home. A half hour of fishing, that was the idea, but wind gusts blew her boyfriend Mikhail further out to sea.

All that time, they have survived on zonnebloempitjes. “The sea was just a lake, without a single wave,” explains Nadezhda the poor preparation. “We were not far, could the faces of people to see. But the wind blew us further and further.”

When the two shouted for help, and signals made, they lost to make matters worse, one of the paddles. Really ’cozy’ it was not more. “We said nothing to each other because there was nothing to say.”


It went from bad to worse. “the Night was cold, so we waited until the sun would warm up, but that burned only”, says Nadezhda. “It was scary. The third day the waves were meters high. You will see the man sleeping, and at that time stores the boat in order.”

Mickhail disappeared under the water, but turned back. Later came ships along, just like a submarine. That did not help. On day five they started to hear voices, to shout at the water, to hallucinate. And finally, there was an oil tanker that the two picked up things.


The skipper is deeply religious, and prays every afternoon for a long time. This time he felt that he must not pray. Therefore he could the couple see, he told us afterwards.

God has the couple been saved, perhaps, but also the right strategy. “Stay calm, not panic, not about the bad things think,” says Nadezhda. “If we had done that, we’ve been there. That lesson may perhaps be new to help save lives.”

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