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Scam: Android App makes the purchase of Ether

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Scam reloaded: security researcher Luke Stefanko stumbled to the Google Play Store via an App that sold to the buyers for 334,99 Euro a simple icon. The customer should think that they can buy with this App, instead of the low-resolution graphics a ETH. In order that the offer appears legitimate, the creators seem to have an interesting Trick.

Just 335 euros for a single ETH-Symbol, although this is not everywhere available on the net? This is from the cyber criminals for once a Mature performance! ESET-staff Luke Stefanko dismissed on Tuesday, the 21. August, at Twitter suggests that it’s just not the Same to buy an App or an Ether, for sale. The have found the to around 100 customers, after you have been displayed after the purchase, only the Icon image of this crypto-currency. In addition, the ETH-rate is currently at 245 euros. We speak of a rich difference of 90 euros, which the buyers pay too much. But instead of the crypto-currency, the customers don’t get anyway more than the graphics.

Scam in the name of the Google Commerce Ltd.

Alleged provider of this App is the “Google Commerce Ltd.”, so the official operator of the Android App Stores. Serious sound the source. The Google Play Store have surfaced since its opening in 2008, again and again in short intervals, harmful, or even abusive Apps. Google has done about it apparently. At least nothing that would have unfolded a lasting effect. So countless crypto-Mining Apps are currently still available, although these are forbidden since the end of July officially.

But this is only one example of many. Stefanko found more than 20 Fake Apps with alleged Flash-players, which have been downloaded more than 350,000 Times. He published almost on a daily Basis for notes, which Android Apps you should avoid. The delivery of an invisible display on the device is the most harmless variant is advertising. Some of the Apps to load after the Installation of dangerous malware to eavesdrop on the user of the smartphone from front to back. The most interesting credit card details or crypto-Wallets, mobile managed most for the Criminals, of course.

It was examined in the App ever?

You would have checked the App manually, then the employee responsible would be immediately noticed the strange Name of the seller, finally, it works even with the Google Commerce Ltd. is The operator of the App Stores have looked at the Software. Otherwise, it would not have been able to rise the Plan of cyber criminals.

The user of an Android smartphone would appreciate it if Google would finally put more care in dealing with the Apps offered on the day. Twitter was also noted, rightly, that you can’t automatically assume that all users of this Scam-App paid the same amount. Possibly the App was offered previously cheaper. But that doesn’t change the fact that there is a lack of the Google Play Store to care. And not that it has already met the Ignorant. In addition, it is highly questionable whether the fraud victim will be dealing with after this experience, once again, volunteering with the topic of crypto-currencies. Probably not.

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