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Satoshi Nakamoto: not a Bitcoin millionaire?

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Long time it was assumed that the assets of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto a Million Bitcoin and a corresponding number of forked Coins like Bitcoin, Cash (BCH) amounts. Studies of the crypto-exchange BitMEX have this now in question. However, according to the Figures from BitMEX, the germ cell of the Bitcoin remains a rich man, a rich wife or a rich collective.

A Million Bitcoin. This number has been circulating at least since Sergio Lerner’s analysis of the first Bitcoin-Mining activities as a rogue BTC fortune of Satoshi Nakamoto. Lerner came to this result by investigating the ExtraNoncen of the mined blocks in the first year since the birth of Bitcoin. So between the 3. January 2009 (the day of the Genesis) and the 25. January 2010 (Block number 36288) total 1.814.400 BTC “mined”– 63 percent of which were never issued. Lerner assumed that these were one and the same entity, and that it was most likely to be Satoshi Nakomoto. The logic behind this statement was that the hash rate in 2009 was approximately seven million Hashes per second on a low level, which could be associated with the high dominance of a single miner.

“I can assure you with one hundred percent certainty that all the black dots are owned by Satoshi, but almost all belong to a single entity, and that entity began Mining right from Block 1, and with the same Performance as the Genesis Block.”

BitMEX takes the analysis further

The cryptographic stock exchange BitMEX has established for its investigation on the analysis results of the learners. Also BitMEX, the existence of a dominant Miners.

“Although there is strong evidence of a dominant Miner in the year 2009, we think that the evidence is far less robust than many have assumed. Even if one is sure of the support of proof, only the assertion that the dominant Miner could have created, in our view, significantly less than a Million Bitcoins.“

Nakomoto is not a Bitcoin millionaire? Yes and no.

“Of 600,000 to 700,000 Bitcoins are perhaps a better estimate of the”,

it is in the BitMEX-analysis. The estimate should be true, would Nakamoto on the current Bitcoin rate hodln “only” Bitcoin to the value of 3.4 to 4 billion euros.

One thing is certain: Whether to 600,000 or a Million BTC should decide the owner of the Coins to bring them into circulation, could the spin of the Bitcoin market properly mixed. Of the 21 million Bitcoin, which is the maximum, are already about four million as irretrievably lost. Because if you lose your Private Key, you lose access to his Coins. Also the supposed Million Bitcoins, which will be located in Nakamoto’s possession, is one of them. In the case of estimates of outstanding BTC, this will be deducted four million. It is unlikely that Nakomoto has burned his Coins “”. So he said to his playing time: “You should never delete a wallet”.

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