Robbe De Hert, in jury of new Antwerp short film festival

aa054b6cca351fb91b63d262bc336637 - Robbe De Hert, in jury of new Antwerp short film festival

On Saturday 25 August in Antwerp’s Cinema Klappei the first edition of “Night of the Short Film, an international short film festival. The jury In the sitting of Antwerp, director, Robbe De Hert, Patrick Van Laer ( and the Constant Hoogenbosch (Movie Machine). There are 24 selected short films part.

The participating short films will all be screened and are divided into four categories, each of which is both an audience – if a juror is presented. The categories are International, National, Documentary and Animation. Belgian winners receive, in addition to an award by rental Camalot Belgium provided huurtegoeden for film equipment to the value of 3.500 euro for the prize of the audience or 5,000 euros for the jury prize.

“We offer a varied program in one of the most beautiful castles of Antwerp,” the organization yesterday. “An event where filmmakers and enthusiasts to come together. It is important to the film as a stage to offer and talent to bring forward.”

Tickets can still be for 6.45 euro per piece to be purchased. All the information is on the website of Night of the Short film.

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